Employment and Labour Law

31st Oct 2018

Lack of a Medical Certificate Not Enough When Dismissing an Employee

Recently the Labour Court ruled in favour of an employee who was dismissed for failing to produce a required medical certificate. The employee had a history […]
30th Apr 2019

Employers – Need Reducing Staff Conflict With Employee Rights?

The Companies Act gives directors wide powers to manage the organisation – the Act states “The business and affairs of a company must be managed by […]
30th May 2019

Worker Burnout: Too Much Work and Unclear Goals

“‘Burnout’, n. ‘Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress’” (Oxford Dictionaries) Two issues have come to the fore in terms of staff experiencing burnout […]
28th Jun 2019

Youth Employment Tax Incentive Extended for Ten Years

There is chronic unemployment in the country and it is especially felt by the youth where up to 50% cannot find a job. The Employment Tax […]