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29th Oct 2018

Will the 21st Century Really Be Africa’s Time to Flourish?

“We really need to have a third wave, and it needs to happen in sub-Saharan Africa” (Bill Gates)   Two factors often cited as to why […]
29th Oct 2018

Importing From Amazon: You Could Be Forced to Register as an Importer

“Forewarned is forearmed” (Wise old proverb)   Picture this: Gavin brings in books and DVDs from Amazon (to take just one example – this applies to […]
9th Jul 2019

Running a startup or small business? Avoid these 4 mistakes growing businesses often make

Experiencing a growth phase in your business is an exciting time. You’ve worked hard for it and the countless hours have paid off. However, growth is not without its challenges. We’ve compiled 4 of the key mistakes businesses often make, to help you avoid them.
30th Jul 2019

The Big Mac Index Says the Rand is Way Undervalued

“Our results indicate that the Big Mac Index is surprisingly accurate in tracking exchange rates over the long-term, which is consistent with previous PPP research findings” […]